Thursday, December 22, 2016

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Idol groups who have good B side tracks

If I had to pick, it would be:

1. Beast:
-Will You Be Alright?
-Gotta Go To Work
-How To Love
-When I Miss You
-On Rainy Days
-No More
-Hateful Person (OST)

2. Block B
-Unordinary Girl
-Embrace Me Now
-A Few Years Later
-Walkin In The Rain
-Be The Light
-Where Are You?
-It Was Love
-100% in Synch

3. Exo
-Don't Go
-Baby Don't Cry
-First Snow
-Christmas Day
-Peter Pan
-My Lady

Now that I realized it, all of them are male groups..
Recommend me some idol groups with good B Side Tracks, please!


1. [+252][-90] Bangtan's Save Me is a really good songㅠㅠ I personally like all of the B Side Tracks in their latest album: Lie, Mama, Stigma, Reflection, Begin, Awake, First Love. There must be at least one song out of these which really suit your personal preferences^^

2. [+240][-85] Why isn't BTS' House of Card in this list..? It's a really really good song in my opinion. Maybe it's because I have an unique preference when it comes to music.. 

3. [+223][-83] I'm really jealous of those people who haven't listened to BTS' songsㅠㅠ They get to feel that thing when they first listen to BTS' songs.. The heart-fluttering and the emotional feelingsㅠㅠ I recommend you to take a listen to all of BTS' B side tracks!

4. [+64][-15] Save Me.. I've never heard any people who think that this song is so-so..

5. [+62][-2] Seventeen and Infinite. Bangtan's B Side tracks are fine.. How should I say it.. Their B side tracks are unique and unusual, that's why they get divided opinions for it.. But once you start liking one of their B side tracks, you can't stop listening to it. And for Seventeen and Infinite, most of their B side tracks are easy listening and people who have listened to it will like it without any exception..

6. [+54][-8] BTS is famous for having good B Side Tracks..

7. [+49][-3] Bangtan..ㅇㅇ Intro, Outro, Interlude, Skit, etc.. I, as an Army, recommend you to listen to all of their B side tracks without any exception.. No wonder, they're idol musicians. They have various type of songs and most of them are not about loveㅋㅋㅋ They write nice lyrics for love songs though.. I recommend you to also take a listen to their mixtapes and covers!

8. [+45][-3] I'm a Beauty and I personally think BTS have good B Side Tracks, especially Move and Fun Boys.. For Beast, I like Butterfly, Say No, and Clencing My Fist Tight.. I also like BTOB's Drawing (The Picture I Drew), Last Day,  One Sip, and Cheers. Oh, and also SHINee's Aside!

9. [+36][-6] I'm not an Army but I really love the full version of Love Is Not Over and the prologue version of Butterfly.. And you totally have to listen to GD's Without You and Today!

10. [+36][-13] BTS is a group full of idol musicians and artists, you can see by how they write and produce all of their songs. All of their songs are just.. the type of the songs that I really like.. They mix up a little bit of ballad, hip hop and a little bit of bass, etc.. To be honest, I'm actually not into ballads but BTS have their own version of ballads which I really like..

how could none of them mention b1a4 here. b1a4, fx, beast, and, not to be biased but, seventeen have the best b side tracks everrrrrrrr