Thursday, November 17, 2016

K-netizens talk about whitewashing

It's about 'Whitewashing' (editing the idol to look like a white or non-caucasian person) that are often seen on pictures of idol groups nowadays, such as BTS, Seventeen, Infintite, etc. The fansite masters usually edit the pictures by brightening the skin-tone which is usually overly-done, making the skin-tone in the picture looks different than their actual skin-tones. Fans notice this by comparing the pictures taken by the fansite masters, and the pictures taken by reporters in the same day.

The fansite masters claim that they never intended to harm or discriminate a specific race with their editings. A male group fansite master, A, revealed that they usually edit the pictures not just to change the skin-tones, but also to change the over-all aura of the picture. They adjust the brightness and the contrast just to make blemish the idols' skintones, not because they want to make the idols look like white or non-caucasian person. 

-Oh my goodness..ㅋㅋ

-But they really do look inhumanly pale in fancams and pictures taken by fansites..

-Trying to look like white person..? What kind of bullshit is this..

-Yeah.. Sometimes the editings are overly-done but I don't think that can be considered as 'whitewashing'.. 

-It's because people think beauty equals to having a pale skin-tone.. Well, I wouldn't disagree.. But the editings are too much, they make those idols look fake..

-Is it called whitewashing because they edit the pictures to make the idols look paler than they actually are? Then is it called blackwashing if they make the idols look tanner than they actually are?

-I don't think they ever mean to harm or discriminate specific race..

-It's really over exaggerating to claim them trying to turn the idols into white person..

-Think before you talkㅋㅋㅋ What kind of bullshit is this..

-What is this all about..?

 -What are you trying to point out here..?

-No.. We don't do that to look like a white person..

-Isn't it nice to see a bright picture than a dark one..?

-That's right.. We usually edit the picture to correct the color..

-We can't see the pictures well if it's dark..

-We edit the picture because we can't see the guys' faces if the pictures are dark..ㅋㅋㅋ

-I just can't bring myself to understand this whole thing..

-???? No, we don't change their skin-tone.. We just edit the picture to correct the color..

-I sometimes see some tweets by international fans that sound like 'Don't try to become a white person, you're already cool the way you are!" but I bet idols never even try to become a white person..

-No.. I've never wanted to look like a white person.. I just want a paler skin-tone like Suzy's or Sulli's..