Saturday, October 15, 2016

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This is what will you see when you meet Jo Jungsuk in person..

He looks way more handsome in person..

And reporter Lee Hwashin on Jealousy Incarnate's latest episode:

-His nose..ㄷㄷ

-Look at his nose..ㄷㄷ

-Whoa.. Hul.. He looks like a piece of art..

-He's one of God's masterpieces.. He has an outstanding visual and acting skills..

-I was really shocked when I saw him in person.. His face shines so bright..

-I can see Seo Kangjoon in him in the first picture.. He's really handsome..

-I really want to see him in person..ㅠ

-I'm so jealous of Gummy..

-Hul.. That picture leaves me speechless..

-Whoa.. His nose, he's really flawlessㅠㅠ He has both the skills and the visual.. Not to mention that his voice is very soothing, I really like it so muchㅠㅠ

-I'm so jealous.. of Gummy..

-Whoa.. I'm.. speechless..

-He looks like Yook Sungjae.. So handsome..

-He's really handsome, he has a very very nice skin! I really like him so much, eventhough his height is...... Oops..

-Whoa.. Look at those facial features..

-Oh.. I literally just cussed because he looks so handsome in that picture..

-Is Jealousy Incarnate a good drama??

-I just need to attach a few more legs and I can be Gummy (it sounds similar as spider in Korean)

-His face is shining so bright..


-Ah, my heart is going to explode!!!

-No.. There's no way that he's 37 years old.