Saturday, October 22, 2016

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One thing that male celebrities should never do

They're all so freaking handsome but they shouldn't draw their eyebrows straight. Their current eyebrows make them looks manly and handsome..

1. [+167][-58] Sehun-chan is so handsome..
2. [+155][-52] Oh Sehun looks like an art.. He's so freaking handsome..
3. [+100][-30] TOP is seriously so handsome..ㅠㅠ I personally like his current eyebrows..
4. [+31][-2] TOP and Kim Woobin look good with straight eyebrows, though? I prefer Kim Woobin with straight eyebrows, to be honest..
5. [+30][-60] Okay, don't be biased here and just be honest.. Who's the most handsome between these two, Oh Sehun or TOP? Upvote for Sehun and downvote for TOP.
6. [+30][-7] TOP is so freaking handsome..
7. [+23][-4] He's so handsome..
8. [+23][-2] TOP looks handsome with both styles..
9. [+21][-2] No, TOP looks good with both styles.. Maybe it's because of his good-looking facial features?
10. [+23][-2] TOP's visual is seriously no joke.. He looks like a royal prince who has never shed any sweat in his life..