Saturday, October 22, 2016

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CL's dating rumours with a British model, Ash Stymest.

I was wondering if she was dating a foreigner..

This is Ash Stymest, he's often seen hanging around with Lily Rose Depp these days.
He was in one of 2NE1's MV, Gotta Be U.

A tweet from Ash's friend that was uploaded two days ago.
She's a singer. Her tweet becomes a hot issue between the international fans.

Fans talking about the dating rumours.

The tattoo on his wrist. (He got a tattoo of CL's real name in Hangul: 이채린)


1. [+241][-38] CL's haters used to hate her for her looks, seems like they're going to use this as another reason to hate herㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+224][-6] To be honest, I really hate it when lovers (I know things are still not confirmed, but let's say they used to date back then) got a tattoo of each other's name on part of their body.. They're going to regret that sooner or later..

3. [+180][-0] Hul.. That tattoo of CL's real name on his wrist.. Seems like they really used to date before..

4. [+76][-2] Yeah, but he got a girlfriend right now.. And her girlfriend is Johnny Depp's daughter, eventhough things are still not confirmed. I heard he used to date CL for around a year, there's a rumour that their relationship was bumpy..

5. [+65][-4] No matter how talented she is, she always get a lot of hate for her looks.. If I was her, I would choose to date foreigners as well..

6. [+44][-0] I don't know who's that guy, but I really wish CL would date someone who has a nice personality.. CL might look like a strong and tough girl, but she's actually a very quiet and kind woman.. The difference between herself on stage and behind the stage is seriously so cool..

7. [+43][-0] I don't like CL, but I have to admit that I'm jealous of her.. She's been traveling around the world since she was young, she went to international schools, and she knows 4 different languages.. She was 19 years old during her debut, not to mention that she hit big as soon as she debuted.. She has done a world tour in her life, she has a lot of connections with amazing people around the world.. She often works with foreign artists.. And when she wasn't able to do activities with her group, Justin Bieber's manager took her to The States and she was able to do activities as a singer there.. She has a house in Itaewon, and she as another one in LA. The one with a studio and swimming pool. I'm so jealous of her, especially to know the fact that she's only 26 years old..

8. [+31][-0] That guy is dating Johnny Depp's daughter right now..

9. [+26][-0] I'm a fan of Ash Stymest and I didn't know that he used to date CLㅋㅋㅋ I never even noticed that tattoo on his wrist.. To those people who look down on Ash, he's one of top 10 models in this whole world.. Who are you guys to look down on Ash? That's funnyㅋㅋ

10. [+26][-0] CL has a successful life..