Tuesday, September 6, 2016

There's a kid from North Korea who transferred to my school..

There's a kid from North Korea who transferred to my school.

Firstly, I know that North Korea is not a very nice country.. There's a new kid who transferred to my school today, and she's using a North Korean accent.. My teacher didn't inform us about that specifically but almost all of my friends know it (That she's from NK).. They asked her and she said she just escaped from North korea this January, her brother was shot to death in the middle of that.. That's not exactly the problem here, but some of childish boys in my class is making fun of her because of her North Korean accent.. They always make this gun gestures and go 'Bang bang' whenever they see herㅋㅋ Some of girls in my class told them not to do it.. I heard she cried in the toilet during lunch time because of that.. I want to try to become closer and make a converstation with her, but I don't know how to startㅠㅠ Please help meㅠㅠ

-Bad jerks..ㅠㅠ

-Hul.. Why are they acting like that..

-They're so mean..

-Hul.. I'm getting goosebumps all over my body.. Kids who make fun of something sensitive like that never fail to surprise me.. Do they not know that what they're doing can scar her, and that making fun of a person is not a nice thing to do..?

-Whoa.. They're so mean..

-Mostly.. Not all of boys.. but mostly, they don't even think and just spit out words like that.. I hope that friend doesn't get hurt because of this..

-That's not childish.. That's more like.. primitive and thoughtless.. They need to go and see a psychiatrist..

-My heart hurts just to imagine if the same thing happens to my older brother...

-They're so childish.. I hope this doesn't scar her too much..

-I want to be her friend..

-What makes this different than racial discrimination.. Bad jerks..

-Hul.. She must be having a hard time and they're still making fun of her..?

-She must get hurt a lot because of that;;

-I hope they will feel the same thing if they go overseas.. People like them need to know how it feels like to be treated like that in order to get their right minds back..

-So childish..

-Are they getting proper education all of this time?

-Are theyeven human?

-They're not even a human..

-Hul..ㅠㅠ Just imagine the scar she's getting from all of these things happening to her..

-They're so childish and rude.. I guess they didn't get a proper education all of this time..

-Do they even have brain..? 

-Seems like their heads are empty..

-Childish...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ trash.. That's what they are..

-I hope karma slaps you right on your face, you stupid jerks..