Monday, August 8, 2016

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YGK+ reveals twin models who were born in 2000

Seohyun. Seoyun. 




Seems like they were born to be models.. The thing that shocks me the most is that they both are '00liners..
How.. could.. '00liners.. have nice bodies like those..


-Whoa.. They're so charming..

-Their eyes don't look similar.. But they both remind me of.. Ng Sze Kai?

-Whoa.. Look at the length of their legs..

-Whoa.. Their legs are so long..

-Wow.. They're so skinny.. Are they '00liners for real?

-'00liners..??? I can't believe it.. They're so pretty..

-I'm the same age with them but why do I look so different..

-Whoa.. They were really born to be models..

-Whoa.. Their faces are so small..

-Whoa.. I'm so surprised because they're the same age with me and one of them have the same name with me as well..

-Whoa.. Why do I feel like I should call them Unnie..

-'00liners.. 10th grade..?

-They somehow have the same vibes like Cathy's..? They're so pretty and youthful..

-I slightly see Nam Taehyun's face in their faces..

-..? They're not older than me..?

-Look at their outstanding proportions..

-Hul.. I go to the same school... That sport events... And that Taekwondo uniforms.. I always see them everyday.. They really outstand the others student..

-Why am I alive..

-'00liners..? What have I done all of these years..?

-It's so unbelievable.. They're 4 years younger than me..