Friday, August 19, 2016

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Produce101 Cube Trainee, Jeon Soyeon's past pictures

-Whoa.. She's so beautifulㅠㅠ

-She's so cute!!

-She looks so freaking pretty in the first picture..

-My neighborhood friend!!!

-Rise, Jeon Soyeon!! I'm rooting for you!!

-Whoa.. She grows up without any changes at all..

-She's so pretty..

-Whoa.. She already has her past pictures spread online..

-Ah.. I heard she used to wear wig to school because Cube made her dye her hair and she didn't want to show it off to her friends..

-Please.. fix her m..make up..

-She's exploding with unique charms..

-I think she would look much prettier if she does her make up in different way!!

-I really like her.. She's so cute..

-Wow.. She looks much prettier with less heavy eye make up..

-She's so charming..

-I'm the one who took the first picture, though..
  -Is she a really nice person, I'm so curious..
  -Yes, she's really really really nice..

-She looks like Jewerly's rapper!!