Friday, August 19, 2016


Netizens are shocked when they find out Blackpink's official schedule

It's empty

-Whoa.. They're rookies but they don't have stages in music shows.. at all?

-Did they finish their debut promotions?

-YG is being too cruel..

-I think YG still hasn't updated it.. YG is really not doing their work properly..

-YG.. Please do your work..

-YG doesn't update the schedule.. 

-Hul.. Blackpink is receiving good reactions from netizens, but why is YG doing this to them..?

-Yang Hyunsuk.. Please do your workㅋ

-Hul.. They're a rookie group, though..

-Please do your work!!!! They rarely let their artists to release songs, now they don't even update their own artists' schedules..

-Why are they doing this to Blackpink..

-Hyunsuk-ah.. Please get back to your right mind.. I'm so upset..

-Just imagine their own artists' feelings when they see this.. They must be so upsetㅠ

-YG is seriously too cruel..


-YG is something else..


-....They're crossing the lines..


-I expect nothing from YG..

-?? Rookies usually have a tight schedule, though..?