Saturday, July 9, 2016

F*ck.. My friend slept with my brother..

Ah f*ck.. What should I do?
My brother is 20 years old and my friend is 25 years old, she's not picking up her phone..
Even if I had to kill her, I have to do it in a nice way right?


-Seems like the OP really adores her brother a lot..

-It's her brother's fault as well.. Why is she only blaming her friend?

-Both of them are adults and it's not like one of them was forced to do it.. It's not a sexual abuse.. I don't see any problem here..

-It's kind of random but that person sounds really scary but her username is so cute '8ㅅ8'..

-I would hate it if something like that happens to me..

-I don't know what's the problem here..

-If something like this happens to me I would be very taken aback..

-It's indeed shocking but no need to murder her..

-Does the OP hate that friend..?

-I would be very shocked as well if I heard that my brother slept with my friend..

-I can't relate to this because I don't have any younger brother..

-Her brother is 5 years younger than her.. He's still a baby in her eyes, of course she would be very mad and upset..

-He's not a minor, it's not a problem..

-'How dare you to touch my brother?' Maybe she thought something like that..?

-They're not even dating, it's just a one-night relationship..? No wonder why she's acting like that..

-20 years old.. He's still a baby..