Thursday, June 2, 2016

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'King of Masked Singer' Barney Barney revealed her identity

1. [+1308][-11] Bomi's vocal color is so pretty..

2. [+1126][-91] ㄷㄷㄷIt was Bomi.. I didn't expect that..

3. [+342][-17] Why did she have to compete with Bada.. It's too bad..

4. [+337][-24] She actually sings way better than I thought she would be.. 

5. [+279][-15] Yoon Bomi is good at singing! She's really lovable..

6. [+243][-10] She can even sing well... She's flawless..

7. [+249][-13] I've been wondering when will Yoon Bomi appear in this program and she actually did yesterday.. As expected from Apink, the talented group..

8. [+196][-3] She's pretty.. Eats well.. Nice.. and even her vocal skill is outstanding..

9. [+198][-9] I really didn't think she would be this good at singing..

10. [+132][-4] Yoon Bomi sings really well.. Seems like Apink's vocal line is really good at singing..  Apink, let's rise..