Friday, May 6, 2016


Oh My Girl to perform One Step Two Step on stage for the first time

1. [+1141][-13] I really like 'One Step Two Step'!! Rise to the top of the world, girls!

2. [+835][-11] 'One Step Two Step' is a really good songㅜㅜ I hope things turn out well for Oh My Girl♡♡

3. [+733][-11] This is a very good song, it also has nice choreography. I'm happy to see it on TV!!!!ㅜㅜ

4. [+651][-14] I really like this song.. I also have to watch IOI on MCountdown today, so I'm gonna watch both~~

5. [+524][-10] I'm happy I can see it on TV now!!

6. [+81][-3] This song is really nice! I'm not a fan but I downloaded this song.

7. [+79][-3] This song is a masterpiece.. If only they use this as their title-song..

8. [+77][-3] Jinyoung seems to be good at producing songs for girl groups..

9. [+73][-3] Finally, they will perform this song on stage.. I'm looking forward to it ㅋㅋ