Saturday, April 9, 2016


Website that tells when are you going to die

So I only have 2 years left?
Put in your birthday
your gender
your bmi
fill them all
and click 'check your death clock'
and it will show you when are you going to die 

-15 October 2075...

-Things like these are scary..ㅠㅠ


-4 October 2075, I will die at 80?

-Sunday, January 23, 2078
 -why do I die fast..80 years oldㅠㅠ

-Sunday, July 30, 2102. I'm going to live this long?

-62 years old...What did I do wrongㅠㅠ

-17 February 2101, I'm going to die at 101 years old. I'm getting goosebumps....

-I'm going to die in less than 10 years...