Saturday, March 21, 2020

The severity of threats that the victims of Nth Room get

(Trigger warning: Sexual exploitation and violence)

Here is the threat that was received by one of the victims:

'Hello, seems like you're still alive? I sent a USB drive to your school, but judging from the way you act, it seems like you still haven't fully gotten my message yet. I'm sure I've said this clearly before. If you don't listen to me, I will f*ck up your life. Reply to this message as soon as you received it. If you don't then I'm gonna send your father videos of you masturbating with a dildo in the bathroom, along with the sex slavery contract that you word. I'm also going to share all of your videos on Twitter'

'Don't ever think you can get out of this, I won't be saying this twice. I'm going to send something to your house. I hope you'll live with this fear for the rest of your life'

From this threat, it can be concluded that the victim was still in high school and was a minor when this happened. 

On March 20th, the man who runs this secret chatroom under the nickname 'Baksa' has been arrested and investigated. According to the police, they have identified 74 victims in total. And 16 of them revealed to be minors. 

Nth Room is a chat room in Telegram that is used to share footage of sexual exploitation and violence against women and girls underage.