Sunday, November 24, 2019

Police reps, 'Goo Hara discovered dead in her apartment ... Is currently investigating it'

Seoul Gangnam Police claims they discovered Goo Hara dead in her apartment at 6.09PM KST. They couldn't provide any further explanations and currently investigating it. 

1. [+12,515][-2,012] Do you guys know what kind of keyword trended when the news of Choi Jongbum, her ex, blackmailing her surfaced? It was 'Goo Hara leaked video'. You guys are murderers. They share these stuff on male-dominated online communities, that's the life of female celebrities. When male celebrities did a crime, they would get defended no matter what. But for female celebrities, once they do something that's unfavorable, people would bash them to death.

2. [+6,557][-135] This is the ugliness behind the Internet. I hope all these devils get the punishment they deserve.

3. [+5,311][-57] Please... You promised to live well on Sulli's behalf...

4. [+3,619][-721] This is South Korea the other name of a hellish country where people hate each other out of jealousy; where a young, beautiful, talented, famous, and rich woman kills herself because of how hard life is. 

5. [+2,849][-57] Please tell me this is just a false piece of information...

6. [+1,827][-248] Choi Jongbum and all those Korean men who looked up for her leaked video on the internet. You guys are murderers.