Monday, October 14, 2019

Singer Sulli has been reported discovered dead in her apartment

Sulli was discovered dead in her apartment on October 14th at 3:21 PM by her manager.
Her manager claims that they came to visit Sulli since she had been out of reach, Sulli was last contacted by her manager the previous day at 6.30PM. 
The police haven't found anything indicating crime or violence and conclude that the cause of Sulli's death was suicide, however they haven't found any suicide-note. 
Up to this second, SM Ent. still can't be contacted regarding Sulli's death. 

1. [+4953][-1359] These Korean men who work hard on leaving hate comments finally killed another person. I hope they'll get punished for what they did. I've seen their comments on online forums and I have to say they're totally sick in the head. 

2. [+2178][-35] Will your life get better if you leave hate comments for other people? Those words you said without thinking twice just killed another person. You haters are the ones who killed her.

3. [+2740][-906] She has been receiving a lot of sexual harassment and ridiculed a lot in her entire life, these bastards...

4. [+788][-29] Please tell me this isn't true. This doesn't even make sense, Jinri-ya...

5. [+343][-2] I feel like sometimes we forget that Sulli is just another average 25 years old woman just like us. Not only us but also her company, the netizens, the reporters, her colleagues. I hope she rests in peace there, in someplace where she wouldn't get any hate comments.