Thursday, May 16, 2019

The trainee who wishes to rank #12 in Produce 101

The show is only debuting the top 11 and yet this variety-show-material Yuehwa Ent.'s trainee says that he wishes to rank #12ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

프듀에서 12위하고싶다는 연습생 | 인스티즈

He has a very outgoing and playful personality.
The group he's originally from doesn't do a lot of activities, so he has nowhere to return to...
He's quite handsome, but he ranks #67 nowㅠㅠ

프듀에서 12위하고싶다는 연습생 | 인스티즈

프듀에서 12위하고싶다는 연습생 | 인스티즈

프듀에서 12위하고싶다는 연습생 | 인스티즈
These were taken from his promotions with UNIQ before!!

프듀에서 12위하고싶다는 연습생 | 인스티즈

He was featured in the PR videos for Yuehwa Ent's trainees in the second season, and here he is participating in the other seasonㅠㅠ
I think that's how desperate he is to debut...

프듀에서 12위하고싶다는 연습생 | 인스티즈
He also did promotions as a singer with stage name Woodz!
He's a great singer, dancer, and rapper. He produces songs. He speaks four different languages. He also has a reversal charm! Please do remember his name, Jo Seungyeon!!

-Woodz??!! Huk, I really like his songs!!

-Hul... I was like, 'He looks like Seungyeon from UNIQ'... Whoa...

-What...? He speaks four different languages??

-Hul, he's Woodz...??? I really like his song, Poolㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-Is he that Seungyeon who sings Baby Ride...?

-Is he that guy who did a rap battle with Flowsik...??

-Huk, it has been a long time since I saw him!! He participated in Show Me The Money!! He's Luizy, right?? I really love his song, Baby Ride!!!

-Ah, no wonder why he looks very familiar to me... I remember thinking about how handsome he looked when he appeared in Show Me The Money!

-Woodz...??? UNIQ...?? There's so much going on here, my brain can't process itㅋㅋㅋ I can't believe Woodz, him, and Seungyeon from UNIQ are actually the same person...

-I'm voting him because he's really talented... I wish him all the best!

-He looks like the mixture of Jinyoung and Yoon Shiyoon...