Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Instagram account of a celebrity that has the most followers right now

She breaks Chanyeol and GD's records and becomes the K-Pop idol with the most followers right now.
Blackpink's account is the third K-pop idol Instagram account with the most followers


-Lalisa Manoban is truly the best...

-Chanyeol also has 17,4M followers though. How can I see the exact number of the followers they have?
 ã„´Chanyeol has 17,440,031 followers while Lisa has 17,472,361 followers right now (Per Apr 15, 18.33 KST). You can see the exact numbers on a site called blastup!

-Congratulations, Lisa! Anyway, do you really have to say that she's breaking records or anything... So idols have to compete about their Instagram followers too now...?

-Whoa, congratulations!!

-Oh Gosh... I somehow feel really proud of her...

-You mean in South Korea?

-Oh... She hasn't had that account for long, though. And yet she already has the most followers among K-Pop idols now...

-I thought it would be Jennie...! Wow!

-Lisa is really popular in South East Asia!

-I love you Lisa...