Saturday, February 24, 2018


IOI Chungha once again hit big with her song

Her song ranked #17 when it was first released, and now it has climbed up until #6. Which is the highest rank her latest song has ever hit so far.

-Out of all the trainees from Produce 101 Season 1, I think she's the most successful one..

-She's good at both singing and dancing and her agency builds great marketing strategy for her.. Chungha, let's only walk on the flowery paths..

-She's doing really well these days.. The real winner of Produce 101..

-Roller Coaster is a really nice song..

-I think she made a great decision by debuting as a solo singer.. As in other cases such as Gugudan or Weki Meki, I only know the ones who participated in Produce 101 and no interest on the other members.. 

-Chungha is an all-rounder, she's going to do well in the industry..

-She must've had worried a lot about her future as she did promotions under IOI back then..ㅠㅠ It's such a relief that she's hitting it big right nowㅠㅠ Chungha, let's fly higher..

-Seriously though.. I was very concerned about her when I heard that she's going to debut as a solo singer, but look at her now.. She's the most successful one now..ㅠㅠ

-I love her latest song, but I hope she would comeback with an up-beat song next time!

-Of course, she's talented and charming~

-She's really charming.. I wish her all the best!

-I personally think her agency raises her really well..ㅋㅋThe concepts they gave to Chungha always suit her really well..

-If only Sejeong had debuted as a solo singer too..

-I'm so happy that Chungha is doing well..ㅠㅠ My bias used to be Sejeong, but I quit the fandom ever since she debuted in Gugudan..

-I like the song, she shines really bright on stage..

-Chungha has that ability to fill up the whole stage by her own self..