Thursday, January 25, 2018


"Are these really the same person?" An actress who become a hot topic because of the before and after hair-cut picture

Jung Hyein is currently playing the role of Park Kyungrye in KBS Drama, Jugglers, who has a very carefree and boyish personality. Let's take a look of her picture before and after the hair cut.

"진짜 동일인물?” 머리 자르기 전후 사진으로 화제 된 여배우 | 인스티즈
"진짜 동일인물?” 머리 자르기 전후 사진으로 화제 된 여배우 | 인스티즈

"진짜 동일인물?” 머리 자르기 전후 사진으로 화제 된 여배우 | 인스티즈
"진짜 동일인물?” 머리 자르기 전후 사진으로 화제 된 여배우 | 인스티즈

-She looks so gorgeous before the hair cut and looks really handsome after the hair cut..


-I'm so jealous of her beautiful face..

-Whoa.. She looks like a whole different person.. It's so cool..

-Unbelievable.. She still looks gorgeous either way..

-She somehow looks like Korean idol + Japanese actress after the hair cut.. So handsome!

-I just saw her for the first time yesterday, but I'm already in love with her..

-Oh.. She also appears in Healer..

-I can't help but get surprised whenever I see her in the drama because she looks like dolls..

-She really rocks that short hair cut..

-Whoa.. I'm on my knees right now.. This Unnie is so cool..

-She looks like Shin from Cross Gene..

-I watch this drama with my mom and we literally can't stop talking about how handsome she looks whenever it's on..

-Whoa.. She looks so pretty and handsome at the same time.. She kinda reminds me of ulzzang Jung Daeun!

-She looks like a male idol with that short cut..

-Whoa.. So handsome.. Totally my ideal type..

-So charming..

-She has both beauty and also handsomeness in her..