Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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The reason why being a female idol is an extreme job..

Viva: Hello!
Me (Master Kim): Hello!
Viva: What's your name?
Me: You can write my name as 'Joo Kyulkyung's husband'! And please wish me a happy birthday here!
Viva: Ah, alright!
Me: What do you think about me? How old do I look? Am I handsome?
Viva: Pardon?!
Me: I'm just trying to be funny! Because you're the last member to sign my album today!
Viva: Ah, I see! But is today really your birthday?
Me: Yes, it's really my birthday! I'm spending my birthday together with Good Day!
Viva: Whoa.. Thank you so much for coming!
Me: Ahaha.. Anyway, I have something shocking to tell you..
Viva: What is it? *writes a birthday wish*
Me: Are you done writing yet?
Viva: Yes, I am!!
Me: I'm that guy who people call 'Joo Kyulkyung's Sketchbook Guy'.......

Viva: *gets really really shocked* What?????????????????
Me: What do you think now that you've met me in person? Do I look like a bad guy?
Viva: No..! You look like a nice person!
Me: It was really nice to meet you! I've been dying to tell this to the last member to sign my album, now that I've said it, I feel really refreshed.. You all look very beautiful..
Viva: I see, we are really grateful to have you at our fansign today! Excuse me.. Handshake!
Me: Yup! Ah, I will upload an anecdote of meeting Good Day today in my social medias.. I'm sure people will start growing some interest in this group!
Viva: Thank you!

And that's how the fansign ended..


1. It seems that such thing as 'blacklist' really does exist in fansigns, but seeing by how the security lets me in at this fansign, there's a possibility that it doesn't exist. Judging by how people often mentions it in online communities, I'm sure there's such thing as 'blacklist' in fansigns.

2. Anyway, I spent my birthday really well..

3. I've always wanted to spend my 30th birthday by going on a date with Kyulkyung..
Why didn't Pledis Ent. hold a fansign on my birthday?
really want Kyulkyung to wish me a happy birthday...

4. Anyway, Joo Kyulkyung's husband is Jo Han Joon

5. I will upload more story in the 'Further Story'

The controversial Master Kim and the sketchbook he gave to Kyulkyung in Pristin's fansign:

Fortunately, the staff took away the sketchbook before Kyulkyung got the chance to see it..

-What an insane jerk.. I'm literally getting goosebumps all over my body now..

-Ah.. F*ck..

-He's insane..

-Crazy.. He sounds like a psycho..

-So what if he's the Kyulkyung's Sketchbook Guy...

-Whoa.. Seems like he has gone insane..

-He's such an attention seeker.. Why is he living his life that way..

-Whoa.. I thought he was just an average fanboy until I saw the content of the sketchbook.. F*ck you, crazy guy..

-Ah.. Hul.. The picture is so creepy..ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-That staff did a great job by taking away the sketchbook before Kyulkyung got the chance to open it..

-Whoa.. I thought I almost dropped my heart to my stomach.. Kyulkyung would've gotten a severe trauma if she had seen it, it's a relief that the staff took it away in the speed of light..

-He's such a loser..

-He's really pathetic..

-That guy got kicked out of Hyuna's fansign..

-Oh Gosh.. What in the world is he doing???

-I'm getting goosebumps.. He's totally a psycho..

-What is he doing at that age..