Sunday, August 27, 2017

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Xiumin's shocking new hairstyle

They didn't only shave the side hair, but also shave his bangs up until his hair line got pushed to the back.
As if that wasn't enough, they also shave the back of his head.

오늘자 충격적인 엑소 시우민 헤어 대참사.jpg | 인스티즈
오늘자 충격적인 엑소 시우민 헤어 대참사.jpg | 인스티즈
오늘자 충격적인 엑소 시우민 헤어 대참사.jpg | 인스티즈

-Who did this to Xiumin, come out..

-Someone on Twitter threatened the hairstylist to show up on public so that the fans can give them the same hairstyle like Xiumin's..

-In the middle of that, his visual still shines so bright..

-What in the world are they doing..

-H.. He has a really nice head shape.. haha..

-His forehead has gotten so much wider because of this hairstyle..

-Whoa.. Xiumin's face covered it all.. I hope the hair stylist will take some time to reflect on their life..

-Hul.. They shaved his hair way too much..

-Why would someone do this to him.. Please just write a resignation letter;; The hairstyle only looks good because it's Xiumin..

-He still looks handsome, though..??

-SM, please change the hairstylist..

-Is the hairstylist an Exo's anti???

-Whoa.. What is the hairstylist doing.. When will SM fire them..

-Why did they do that..????

-This would've become a big problem if it wasn't for Xiumin..;; Who is the hairstylist..

-He looks like Moonbyul in the last gif..