Sunday, August 13, 2017


The reason why Wanna One gets negative responses for guesting in SNL 9

The point is the viewers felt uncomfortable with the loud cheering of Wannables that kept going on throughout the whole show. Not only that, SNL 9 also changed their 19+ rated show to 15+ rated show for this episode. Shin Dongyup also revealed that there were 9000 people registered to watch the show live, but only 500 got accepted and they felt sorry for the rest 8500 people.

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The viewers on the spot complained about how fans kept on cheering and shouting the name of the members.

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기사 이미지
They must've practiced their acting skills really hard to guest on this show;;
Their articles are all over the internet even when they had nothing wrong with their appearance, but because of their fans..
They must be feeling upset and embarrassed at the same time..

-It was indeed very noisy..

-I'm a Wannable myself and I felt really embarrassed as I watched the show.. Don't they know that they're causing people to feel uncomfortable..?

-I watched the show because I have an interest in Wanna One, but ended up turning off the TV because of how noisy the fans were.. I just couldn't stand watching the show, my ears hurt..

-They sound so freaking pathetic.. I couldn't focus on the show because they were noisy..

-I just hope broadcasting stations won't invite them to guest on TV Shows for a while.. They're still rookies and that's what makes them sound boring on TV..

-Why did they do that.. So freaking pathetic..

-They were really noisy, I felt embarrassed as I watched the show with my parents..

-It was so f*cking annoying.. It's not even a fanmeeting..

-Why do they're always having problems with their fandom?

-They were indeed so f*cking noisy..

-The fans were being too loud.. I'm a Wannable but I just couldn't stand watching the show..

-I didn't watch the show, but my friend texted me about how annoyed was her because of the fans..

-I know right..ㅠㅠ I couldn't hear the dialogue properly because of them.. I'm a fan but I find it really annoying too..

-That was really impolite of the fans..ㅠㅠ

-They must be really thoughtless.. Why are they shouting the name of the members there??

-Do you think you're watching a PD101 concert??? Oppa~~ Oppa~~ I love you~~ I seriously hate people like this..