Saturday, August 5, 2017

Please share some male idols' side profile pictures

Please share the pictures of your biases' side profiles.
I personally like seeing side profiles because that way they look more handsome and their jaw lines can be seen clearly..! 
I don't care whether if he closes his eyes or not in the picture, just share it here!

The guy in the picture is Jinyoung, his side profile is so freaking stunning..

A gif of a young master


1. [+167][-35] Seventeen's Dokyeom..

2. [+156][-22] Vernon..

3. [+143][-44] Ah, so you're talking about Seventeen's Dokyeom?

4. [+129][-9] Kim Taehyung

5. [+107][-6] They all look very different from me.. Their noses look alive, their jawlines look very beautiful..

6. [+106][-7] The epitome of pureness..

7. [+104][-3] The picture that he uploaded on April's Fools Day!

8. [+95][-4] Jungkook..

9. [+76][-2] V

10. [+73][-2] He seriously looks like a living art..