Saturday, August 12, 2017

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Now I understand why Hwang Minhyun is the one who plays piano in the beginning of Energetic

First of all, let me tell you that I'm not a fan of anyone in Wanna One!

The Piano choreography suits him really well until the rate I don't think any other members wouldn't be able to save that choreography like he does. I think before it was decided that Minhyun is going to dance to this part, they've already tried to see if there were any members who suit this choreography, but since Minhyun's aura suits the choreography the most, they just decided Minhyun to do this part!


1. [+745][-88] Isn't it obvious? That people are just hating on him because their biases can't get the spotlight.. This fandom will never be united..

2. [+654][-47] It's very clear that Hwang Minhyun saves this choreography really well..

3. [+605][-38] I'm not a fan of Minhyun and I can give proofs.. Hwang Minhyun suits this choreography the most. It's just very eye-catching.

4. [+197][-7] I personally think it's because Hwang Minhyun is the key of the balance in this group. I'm not just talking about this piano choreography, just look at the other Wanna One's choreography. If I were the choreographer, I would've done the same..

5. [+190][-4] Hwang Minhyun is a 6-years old idol.. He knows how to locate the camera, make eye contact with the camera, make great facial expressions and on top of that, he knows how to look out-standingㅋㅋ I mean, he's really handsome and also has a really great singing skills. There's no way that people wouldn't look at him. I don't think there are any other members beside Minhyun who could save the piano choreography as well as he does..

6. [+183][-4] Hwang Minhyun deserves to be the center during the intro partㅋㅋㅋ He's so freaking handsome, he will be a big help for the group to attract attentions.

7. [+164][-2] I heard that Minhyun is always in charge of being the center during the intro parts in his original group.. It suits him because he has this ability to attract people's attentions..

8. [+160][-2] Frankly speaking, he's the member who suits the intro the most.. He looks dreamy and sexy.. I swear I don't understand why people are asking Wanna One to change the intro.. I mean, he suits that part really well.. Not to mention that he looks really handsome..

9. [+144][-1] I'm not a fan of Minhyun but I have to admit that he suits this part the most, among all the other members.. He just has the perfect aura for it..

10. [+116][-2] He has this charming.. and sophisticating..(?) aura which makes him nails this part really well..