Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The picture that Goo Hara uploaded and on Instagram and deleted it shortly afterwards

This is tasty.. It tasted good..

Just judging from the appearance and the emoticon, people are assuming it's a marijuana.
I don't care whether if she smokes or not, because she's an adult anyway.. But the fact that she deleted the picture right after she uploaded it makes the whole thing sound very suspicious.
Maybe she thought she uploaded it on her private account, and deleted it shortly after realizing that she uploaded it on the wrong account.


1. [+223][-8] Why is she hanging out with Sulli? Kang Jiyoung seems to be doing everything she wants to do and living a really happy life in Japan.. While Hara said she's going to focus on her career as an actress after she quits Kara but she hasn't starred in anything up until this second and all she ever does is seeking for public's attention along with Sulliㅋㅋㅋ I used to like her a lot, though.. I'm really disappointed in her..

2. [+160][-102] Why do I find Sulli is suspicious..ㅋ I mean, would she be the only one who smokes in her surroundings?ㅋㅋㅋ Whenever a girl smokes, the other girls around her would always follow her to smoke too.

3. [+153][-15] Does it look like an ordinary cigarette to you? That looks like marijuana.. That's very suspicious..

4. [+102][-5] TOP's marijuana controversy was a really hot issue and judging by how she uploaded that picture to her Instagram, she was really careless about the whole situation right now.. Seems like it's true that she's a fool..

5. [+72][-8] She explained that it was a rolling tobacco~~ So if your oppas smoke they look sexy and cool but when Goo Hara smokes it's a marijuana??ㅋㅋㅋ 

6. [+71][-3] Was she high when she uploaded this picture?? Police Ajusshi, take a look at this..

7. [+61][-11] Seems like Sulli and Hara are doing drugs.. That's why they are always not on their right state of their minds..

8. [+59][-4] Looking from the alcohol bottles in the picture, looks like she had some fun there..

9. [+58][-3] I don't really find Hara likable, but how could you judge her right away just because she says its's tasty.. Are female idols not allowed to post the pictures of them smoking..? She's not even an idol anymore now..

10. [+46][-2] It's nothing problematic if that's just a cigarette..

11. [+44][-36] So what?? Can't she even smoke?

12. [+41][-4] She's an adult, she's allowed to smoke.. Even though it's not a really good sight to see..

13. [+34][-2] It's a rolling tobacco.. But aren't you guys being unfair here? When a male idol accidentally uploads a picture of him smoking, you guys would defend him.. 

14. [+33][-5] I wonder why would she brag off about doing drugs on her social media?? Was she in the right state of her mind when she uploaded this?

15. [+29][-1] It's actually up to her whether if she wants to smoke or not.. I bet she deleted the picture because the response from her followers weren't positiveㅋㅋ So what if she smokes or not~