Saturday, January 21, 2017

A middle aged woman shares her concern about her 6 years old son kissing a 20 years old woman on her lips

Hello, I'm a middle aged woman whose son is turning 6 years old this year.
I'm writing this post because I just experienced a very ridiculous thing today..

I went to the cinema to watch a movie with my son.
I was going to but the tickets and told my son to sit on a chair that wasn't too far from the lines.
After I finished purchasing the tickets, I went to buy some snacks to eat, but then I suddenly heard my son crying.

I ran to him as fast as I could, and I saw a young woman was yelling at him. She seemed young, maybe in her 20s, and is a college student.. My son was crying, and yet she kept on raising her voice in front of him. I could hear she was calling him crazy, son of a b*tch, etc..

What kind of parents wouldn't get mad to see their kids get abused verbally by a stranger?
So I asked her if she knew what she was doing, and she explained it all. 
She came to the cinema to watch a movie with her friends. She sat right next to my son, and was in the middle of using her phone when my son suddenly held her hands and kissed her on her lips.
But I think it's possible for a 6 years old to do that as a joke..

She then quickly pushed him from the chair and swore at him. She said she felt disgusted until the point she got goosebumps all over her body, she also said that she hated kids. She told me she was going to sue my son and report this to the police station, it was a mess.. She also told me to take a better care of my son.. I mean, it's not like I abandon my son or anything like that..

All I did was to buy the tickets and left my son for awhile on that chair..

After awhile, she left after her friends asked her to..
Can I ask for the security to show me the CCTV? I'm really mad right now..

She abused my son verbally in a crowded place just because he kissed her on her lips.. 
I'm really upset.. It's really hard to be a mother in this generation..


-I would feel offended if I was that woman.. I would obviously feel shocked if a kid I don't know suddenly come up to me and kiss my lips.. Especially if I really hate kids..

-It's true that the boy did wrong in this case, but what that woman did wasn't right either..

-I like kids and babies but I would feel the same way if a kid I don't know suddenly come up to me and kiss my lips.. I think it's his mother's fault for leaving him alone in a crowded place like that..

-That woman did nothing wrong..

-Please.. That kid knows nothing, he's still 6 years old..

-It's obviously his mother's fault.. This kind of people is the scariest type of human being in this world.. They don't even realize that they're the one at fault..

-I don't think the woman did anything wrong..

-I think that can be considered as sexual harassment.. 

-Whoa.. I feel really mad just by reading the post.. I get it that the woman was mad, but did she really have to swear at him in a crowded place?

-Does she even know who's the one who actually having a hard time in that case..?

-Take care of your kids properly.. This is so disgusting..ㅋㅋㅋ

-Ew.. That sounds terrible..

-That sounds terrible.. If that was me, I would sue him right away..

-The kid was the one at fault..

-It's true that the kid was wrong but it's not right to swear at him in crowded place like that..

-That's not something that you supposed to say to a kid..

-He's still wrong no matter even if he's a 6 years old or not..

-That's disgusting eventhough he's just a kid..

-That sounds terrible but I don't think it's a right thing to do to swear at him in public place..

-She stated that she hates kids.. Imagine how terrible it was for her..

-This is a sexual harassment.. I have nothing else left to say..