Monday, November 28, 2016

Things that idols nowadays can't survive without

1. Beagle-like personality

2. Maknae on top

3. Foolishness

4. Young and Rich and Handsome / Young and Rich and Pretty

-Bangtan has all of those aspects.. The representative member of Young and Rich and Handsome is our Jungkookie.. A little yellow chick (talking about his uniform) who's sitting in 12th grade and is already an adult, and also wears Rolex watch to school.. Oppa..

-That's right..

-And also a little bit of clumsiness..

-You're talking about Exo..

-Young and Rich, Tall and Handsome.. Oh Sehun is mine^^

-Exo automatically pops into my mind as I read this...

-Our Chan doesn't suit #2.. 

-Aren't you talking about SHINee..?

-For me, the bickering between the members is what attract me the most.. Especially the 97liners in my favorite group, they're really cute when they're having a debate..

-Idols who have beagle-like personality are really cute and likeable, even if they're not from the group I like..

-Maknae on Top, the definition of Lee Sungjongㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-#2 doesn't apply in Seventeen but they're actually really funny and charming..

-It's SHINe..

-You're describing Red Velvet..

-Our maknae will never be on top.. That's why I find our Chan really cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-You're talking about Sehun..

-These four aspects really suit B1A4..

-1. BTS, 2. Jeon Jungkook, 3. Kim Taehyung, 4. BTS

-Young and Rich and Handsome.. Kwon Jiyong..

-1. Infinite, 2. Lee Sungjong (throwback), 3. Jang Dongwoo, 4. Infinite.

-But I hate groups who try hard to act like that..