Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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A male idol who has a very special color of his ownself

is VIXX's N (Cha Hakyeon)

It feels like it was just yesterday when I first saw him.
My friend told me.. "If Hyuna represents female idols, the representative of male idols would be this guy".. That's what she said when we were watching their stage.
He has this strange sexiness on his entire body without having to expose skins, he just somehow radiates a very sexy vibes. 
And since then I became curious about him, his expressions, and his gestures.
I started liking him since Dynamite.

묘한 색기를 가진 남자아이돌, | 인스티즈 
묘한 색기를 가진 남자아이돌, | 인스티즈 

You'll understand what I'm trying to point out here if you see him by yourelf.
He doesn't even need to try to be sexy, he doesn't need to act sexy.. He, strangely, very strangely is already sexy without having to do those things.
In other words, he's sexy in a very elegant and classy way.
And I don't think it's only because of his dancing skills, everyone can be this sexy if dancing skills are the only thing that matter..
He's really confident about his high note, and he's also really good at dancing and singing live.
This will be easier for you to understand if you have listened to his OST for drama W.

And during VIXX promotions for Fantasy,
he makes you think "Who's this guy..?" when you see him.
I began falling harder for him since this era, I looked up for him on searching engines.
And I discovered this strange yet addicting vibes that he has..

묘한 색기를 가진 남자아이돌, | 인스티즈
묘한 색기를 가진 남자아이돌, | 인스티즈
묘한 색기를 가진 남자아이돌, | 인스티즈

If Dynamite is a very light song that makes your heart flutter, then Dynamite has a dangerous feelings and it's somehow very sexy and strong.
The choreography is very fierce, but it has this certain softness, I don't know which part and how, it just does. It looks like another performance choreography, but it also has this modern-dance-like vibes, it leaves a deep impression.
He has various of expressions, he knows how to flirt with the audiences. He enjoys being on the stage, that's what I've been noticing all this time.
And The Closer proofs it all:

묘한 색기를 가진 남자아이돌, | 인스티즈
묘한 색기를 가진 남자아이돌, | 인스티즈 
묘한 색기를 가진 남자아이돌, | 인스티즈 

His parts in this song are on point.
I get to feel that strange aura that he has whenever he sings his part. His gestures and his expressions are very natural and amusing, not just like another idols' trained expressions and gestures.
I'm sure it's not because of the song or the outfits, it's more because of his ability to deliver his feelings through his expressions and gestures, in a very soft, yet fierce way.
He dances powerfully even when it's not his part..

It's been a long time since I found an idol who really knows how to enjoy being on stage.
And it's also been a really long time since I fall for an idol this hard..
I really like it when he radiates his own sexiness vibes, it makes me shudder sometimes.. (I'm not a pervert)
He's into 5 years of his debut and yet I'm still looking forward to his stages in the future..
 (more pics in the link)
-Oh.. I expected to see Taekwoon here, but I have to admit that he's also very addicting..
-Hakyeon looks the sexiest when he cries..
-I'm a non-fan and I can't help but falling for him as I scroll down this post.. He's really sexy..
-Hakyeon-ah, I love youㅠㅠ
-Isn't this Cha Hakyeon, the stan attractor?ㅠㅠㅠ
-Oh.. That's rightㅠㅠ
-Ah.. He makes my heart skips a beat..ㅠㅠ
-Cha-jumma, I love youㅠㅠ
-He's so admirable..
-Hakyeon-i looks much handsome in real life..
-Congratulations!! Congrats on falling for my husband~~!!
-I came here thinking.. "Taekwoon..?" but it's about Hakyeon..ㅎㅎ
-I really like it when he smirks during his part, it's really attractive..ㅠㅠ I always rewind the song just to listen to his part..
-I agree..
-Our Taekwoon is just as sexy as him!!
-He never fails to surprise me because he looks like different guy in every comebacks..
-I know what the OP is trying to point out here..
-And this is why I love Cha Hakyeonㅠㅠ