Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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Which group will get the biggest popularity after IOI disbands?

Jung Chaeyeon's DIA

 Im Nayoung, Zhou Jieqiong's Pledis Girlz

Yoo Yeonjung's WJSN

Kim Sejong, Kang Mina's Gugudan.

+ Somi's JYP Girls
+ Chungha's M&H Girls
+ Yoojung, Doyeon's Fantagio Girls
+ Sohye's Penguin Girls

or maybe even:
-Hyeri's OMZM
-Kim Sohee's Quick Girls
-Yoon Chaekhyun's April
-Lee Haein, Lee Suhyun's Poonhaen girls

Which one do you think will get the biggest popularity after IOI disbands?

-The girlgroup Somi is going to debut with..

-It's either Pledis or JYP..

-Fantagio, WJSN..

-This doesn't matter.. I just hope that things will turn out well for all of them..

-I knew WJSN because of Yeonjung, and at first I only knew her, she was the only one I could saw. But not I started to like the other members as well..


-Pledis Girlz, JYP, and Fantagio will have big popularities for sure.. 

-I hope the girls will never see this post.. It's just like that you're saying they're going to flop even before they get to start..

-Gugudan, fighting!!

-Dodaeng and WJSN..

-Judging by their companies.. It's going to be JYP and Pledis..

-Somi's group will earn a lot of attention, and the same thing will go to Pledis Girlz as well! Because PG already have fandom even before their debut..

-JYP -> Pledis -> Fantagio.. And Gugudan will hit big if they go with the right concept..

-DIA and JYP..

-Gugudan and OMZMㅠㅠㅠ

-I personally think it would be the girlgroup that Somi is going to debut with.. Because JYP is so freaking good at making nice girlgroups..

-Yoon Chaekyung is joining April??????


-WJSN already has a big popularity for now!

-I really like WJSN's songs..

-Sohye is going to continue her activities as an idol?