Friday, October 21, 2016

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We will see articles about this girl groups' disbandment soon.

1. Secret: They're already being forgotten by the public. We'll see articles about their disbandment after one or two more promotions.

2. After School: The same thing will happen to them.

3. Miss A: Only Min and Suzy renew their contracts. Fei will go back to China, her solo career is already ruined. 

4. 4Minute: Hyuna is the only one who decided to stay with Cube, the rest of them left the company.

5. Crayon Pop: One hit wonder

6. T-Ara: Their careers are already ruined after the bullying scandal. They put everything they have for their activites in China, but they're going to leave the group soon one by one. They will naturally disband.

7. 2NE1: They're being pushed away by Black Pink and already being forgotten by the public. Everyone of them, except CL (which is Yang Hyunsuk's 'daughter'), will leave the company.

8. F(x): I'm not sure about this one, but their fans are decreasing as the time passes by. I don't know what's going to happen to them in the future, but I'll put them here anyway.

I only put the one I can predict, and have won 1st place on Music Shows before.


1. [+156][-4] 1. Secret: Sunhwa is the only one who left the company, the rest of them agrees to continue their activities as Secret. 2. After School: They have a graduation concept, they're not disbanding. 3. Miss A: Jia is the only one who left the company, the rest of them renew their contracts and continue their activities as Miss A. 4. 4Minute: They have already disbanded. 5. Crayon Pop: They released an album not too long ago, they're still doing promotions for that album. 6. T-Ara: is earning tons of money in China. 7. 2NE1: Park Bom is starting to do Instagram. 8. F(x): Bullshit. You're just trying to get them some hate.

2. [+112][-1] 4Minute is already disbanded..

3. [+44][-114] + Girls Day.

4. [+29][-3] Why do you put F(x) in that list. It's so random. They're currently doing well with their concerts, please stop talking bullshit and get lost.

5. [+21][-0] T-Ara is a big wall in China.. They're not going to disband, okay?

6. [+21][-1] It's been awhile since F(x) decided to renew their contracts, they're going to have a Japanese comeback and concert on December, so please just get lost^^ Stop talking bullshit about innocent people.

7. [+18][-5] Remove F(x) from that list.

8. [+16][-2] F(x) is not the type of group who will ever disband.. They're doing their work really well right now, and you'll be able to know the relationship between the members just by watching videos of them on internet..

9. [+16][-1] F(x) is going to have a concert and Japanese comeback on December. They're also planning to do an Asia Tour, the one in Bangkok is already confirmed. They did renew their contract, four of them. And for T-Ara, they're earing a lot of money in China.. There's no reason for them to disband, eventhough ttheir popularity in Korea is already meaningless by now..

10. [+12][-0] I think T-Ara will disband soon though?? They're doing well outside of Koreaㅋㅋㅋ And for F(x), I don't think they will disband..