Wednesday, October 19, 2016

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The trainees who are known as the aces of SM and JYP

The first girl is SM's trainee, Lami. The second one is JYP's trainee, Shin Eunsoo.

-Whoa.. Shin Eunsoo..

-Lami is so pretty.. Lami-ya..

-Whoa.. Lami has the type of face that SM really likes..

-They both represent the type of beauty that their companies really love..

-Irene and Suzy.. That's how I see both of them..

-They both are so pretty.. I love pretty girls!

-SM loves people with pretty eyes, and JYP loves people with pretty noses..

-Eunsoo looks like Baek Jinhee in that picture..

-Whoa.. I have a feeling that she's going to continue her path as an actress, though??

-Shin Eunsoo has this something that makes her look similar with Suzy..

-Lami is so freaking pretty..

-Is Shin Eunsoo training to be an idol?

-Lami-ya.. Please know that this Unnie wishes all the best for you, I hope you will rise like Yoona..

-Eunsoo?? That girl looks like Dahyun..

-There's 'Freshness!' written all over Lami's face..

-Lami looks like the mixture of Seo Hyunjin and Yoona.. SM's favorite type of face..

-Lami is so prettyㅠㅠ Sungkyung-ah, this unnie loves you so muchㅠㅠ

-JYP is so freaking good at picking female trainees..

-I can see Suzy and Baek Jinhee in Shin Eunsoo's face..

-That Chinese trainee from SM.. I don't know her name, but she's pretty as well..

-Lami resembles Dara a lot!!

-Huk.. Eunsoo-ya, please debut as soon as possible so I can fangirl over youㅠㅠ