Saturday, October 1, 2016

The reason why being a fangirl is hard in Korea

When people see you buying an album : 'Are you crazy for them?'
When people see you buying a comic book : 'Are you an Otaku?'
If you like watching movie in the cinema  : 'Why are you spending money on movies?'
If you like watching a musical theater : 'You must be really rich?'

-I agreeㅠㅠ

-I can't fangirl freely anymore ever since I started uni..
  -I've heard a lot of people asking me "You're already at this age and yet you still like idols..?' That's why I always hide the fact that I'm a fangirl by fangirling by myself, inside my heart..

-ㅋㅋI've never seen or heard people who talk like that in real life.. I thought they only exist on internet..
-There are some friends who know that I like a specific celebrity, and once there are rumours about that celebrity they will go and roast me off..
-My friends often ask me if I'm still crazy or if I still can't get back into my right minds.. They also ask me when will I stop liking idols.. Since when does liking idols equal to being crazy?
-I'm spending my own money on things that I like.. I wonder what does people have to do with that..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
-I've never met people who talk like that in my entire life..
-I really hate people who acts like that..
-What's wrong with liking animes..?ㅠㅠㅠ
-What the hell is wrong with liking idols? I hope people will stop thinking that liking celebrities is not a good thingㅜㅜ I'm spending my own money to fangirl, I hope they would start minding their own bussiness as well..
-I don't know why do keep minding other people's bussiness..  It's possible that liking idols, anime, or movies can be the source of happiness to someone..

-I hate people who acts like that.. It's my life, it's my hobby.. Why do I have to match your standards? I'm not even an Avatar..

-I just hope people will stop minding my own bussiness.. People always tell me that it's a waste to spend money on albums, or streaming songs etc.. Just stop it, I will take care of my own money..

-That's right.. I'm crazy for idols, I'm an otaku, and I'm rich that's why I spend a lot of money on them~~
-Stop minding my bussiness!!!! It's my own money and time!!! Stop it..
-How dare you talk like that when being a fangirl brings happiness to my life!!!!!!!
-I know right.. It's up to me, tough.. For me, people sees me as a fool since I like idols, anime and I like watching movies in cinema..
-Being a fangirl is a difficult thing.. It needs a lot of effort.. Don't look down on us..