Saturday, October 29, 2016

If you had to be a manager of an idol group, what kind of idol group would you choose?

1. Groups that don't have a lot of members, and the members are quiet, they don't talk much.

2. Groups with a lot of members who are noisy and energetic.

-#2.. It sounds fun..


-#1.. Nothing is better than the first option for every managers in this world..

-#2.. It sounds tiring and fun at the same time..

-#2.. It would be really tiring and exhausting, but they sound very fun, so it doesn't matter!

-#1.. It would be really comfortable to manage kids like that..

-#1.. #2 is too tiring..

-#2.. If the group you mean is BTS..

-#2.. It's okay, I can be noisy with them!

-#1.. But I don't really want to be a manager..

-#2.. But I will think again if the group you mean is Shinhwa or Super Junior..

-#2.. Energetic SNSD..! It might be tiring, but it can also be really fun sometimes!

-#2.. You have to enjoy doing your work..

-#2 sounds really fun.. Eventhough it will be exhausting..

-#1.. #2 might looks fun but it's actually very tiring..

-#2.. Please hire me as the manager of a group with 13 managers debuted on2015..

-#1.. Because I will take the responsibility of every wrongdoings #2 make..

-#2.. Because I'm energetic as well..

-#1.. Being BTOB's manager is such an exhausting work..

-#1.. I hate noisy people..

-I would really love to be BTOB's manager..

-#1.. You have to be realistic when it comes to work..