Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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A couple from a drama that doesn't make your heart flutters

To be honest about Ji Changwook and Yoona..
They both have excellent visuals, but a lot of viewers think that they don't look good together..

역대급으로 안설레는 드라마 커플 | 인스티즈 
역대급으로 안설레는 드라마 커플 | 인스티즈 

It's because Song Yoona..
For those who don't follow this drama, you all might be confused..
But for those who follow this drama will know what I'm trying to point out here..
There are a lot of viewers who prefer Ji Changwook-Song Yoona, rather than Ji Changwook-Yoona..
Because the scene gets boring whenever Yoona comes up on the screen..

-He looks good with Song Yoona..


-Ji Changwook is so handsome.. He reminds me of Kim Jaejoong..

-I don't follow this drama, but I know that this drama is really good.. Just look at the visuals of the actresses and actors..ㅠㅠ 

-He really looks better with Song Yoona..

-Our Annaㅠㅠ<3

-Yoona and Ji Changwook both have similar vibes, they look like deers! That's the reason  why I personally think that they suit each other..

-I don't watch this drama.. I've only seen a kiss scene of them and my heart fluttered when I saw that..

-I have to agree that he looks beter with Song Yoona..

-It's always like that when the age gap between the main characters are too big..

-Just like Kim Taehee and Joowon in Yongpal..

-They look like siblings.. Maybe because they look similar?

-Is this a good drama? I think I should start watching this drama..

-My heart only flutters when I see Song Yoona and Ji Changwook..

-Ji Changwook and Yoona make my heart flutters, though?

-I really like the chemistries between those two, though?..

-Song Yoona is such a good actress..

-I like him better with Song Yoona..

-They are so good-looking..

-Excuse me? My heart flutters whenever I see them together..

-Hul.. I've only seen them through gifs but they look good together!