Sunday, September 25, 2016

Please recommend me some good songs with nice lyrics!

Bbuing Bbuing~


1. [+105][-22] Exo's Beautifulㅋㅋㅋ It's full of praises about a woman..
You came to me at the end of a hard day
The desperate prayers of a small boy have reached you
Without color, scent or sound, you came into my heart
Like the color of the clear street after the rain
You resemble that freshness, my goddess
A flower rises in the sky, spring blossoms on the ground
You can’t stop it, it’s been decided since the start
My heart is pulled to you (love)
The moment your breath touches me, your scent colors me in
(cr: kpoplyrics)

2. [+85][-23] Seventeen's SIMPLE (Woozi's Solo)
Happiness is just a word
The one dream that everyone want
I don't even want to believe the nonsense they talked about 
Yeah i just want it simple simple
Everything that makes me breathe
Make it simple like that
Farther and farthet from me until it can't be seen
I call you baby baby's called my happiness
Baby i just want it simple simple I want it simple
3. [+74][-12] I recommend you to listen to Exo's Don't Go!
The small fluttering of your wings seemed like it was telling me to follow you
The sad eyes and tacit stories in your heart that night in which the whirlwind was raging
I was mesmerized by the mysterious you and stared at you and had my one soul stolen
Because I am completely drunk at your movements, I even forgot how to breathe
Like a waltz, I sit lightly and can’t take my eyes off of you
My eyes naturally follow you every time you walk
Guide me yeah take me together with you to the place where you live
Oh even if the world ends, I’ll follow from behind you so please don’t go out of my sight
(cr: kpoplyrics)

4. [+47][-0] Exo's Into Your World (Angel), Don't Go, Peterpan, 3.6.5, On The Snow 

5. [+45][-19] Infinite's Footsteps, Between Me and You, Thank You, Last Romeo, Fixed Star, Love Letter, As Good As It Gets, Still I Miss You. Lovelyz's Circle, Good Night Like Yesterday, Bookmark.

6. [+36][-2] Seventeen's Love Letter.. It's a song made for fans but the melody is really goodㅠㅠ
I’ll put you and me in a love letter
(Throw it in the air)
When I put it in the empty sky
The wind will embrace us
So the painful days will get erased
(Throw it in the air)
I’ll hold you tight and I won’t let go
I’ll always be by your side
I still have so much to say
That I haven’t said to you yet
I’ll spread my arms and swear to the sky
I won’t leave you behind
(cr: popgasa)

7. [+34][-2] Exo's Peterpan

8. [+30][-5] I personally really like Exo's My Turn To Cry
I had a nightmare
Before I could hug you, who was crying
I woke up
With a sad heart, I opened the curtains
With my moonlight-stained tears, I send you a letter
Remember, when things were hard
I always turned your tears into smiles
Don’t cry in places without me, don’t cry
Because you always had a lot of tears
No, it’s my turn to cry, I’ll cry now
I’ll take all of your tears
It’s my turn to cry, give them to me
Even those tears, this time
This time yeah
(cr: kpoplyrics)

9. [+20][-2] EXO - MY TURN TO CRY
I love you (I still love you so much, I miss you)
Don’t cry (Please be happy in that place)
I’m missing you
(cr: kpoplyrics)
10. [+19][-4] BTS-Butterfly (Prologue Mix)

11. [+17][-0] Fronting.. It's a song about a guy who wakes up from a dream about the girl he likes.. It's so heart-fluttering..I should listen to it again..
12. [+16][-1] Seventeen's Pretty U
13. [+15][-1] .
14. [+13][-0] BTS' Rain! 
 15. [+11][-3] BTS' Miss Right!

16. [+10][-0] Seventeen's Healing