Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What do Korean women think about men who are only 176cm tall?

Q: What do you think about men who are 176cm tall?
A: 43.0% 'Too Short'
33.1% 'A little bit short'
18.6% 'Just right'
3.6% 'Ideal height for men'
1.6% 'Too tall'
0.7% 'A little bit tall'

Q: What if a man who only heighs 174cm asks you out?
A: 69.3% 'I'm sorry but I will say no'
14.3% 'I will think about it'
10.1% 'Height doesn't matter as long as he's a nice person'
6.9% ' Height doesn't matter as long as he's rich'

Q: A murderer vs A man whose height is less than 170cm. Which one is worse?
A: 75.0% 'A short man whose height is less than 170cm'
25.0% 'A murderer'

Q: What is the ideal height for men in women's eyes?
A: 61.1% '180-185cm'
18.7% '185-190cm'
14.3% '175-180cm'
0.9% '165-170cm'
0.9% '160-165cm'

-176cm is not that bad, though..

-I'm 167cm tall.. And I'm really fine to date someone who's much shorter than me.. It's okay even if he's only 160cm..

-If it was taken in 2005.. It's 11 years ago.. Anyway, I don't care a lot about the man's height.. Maybe it's because I'm short, I'm fine as long as he's ofer 170cmㅋㅋ

-176cm is very very fine for me..

-176cm looks so tall for me.. Even 170cm is fine for me..

-What are you talking about.. Why are you comparing a short man to a murderer..

-176cm is much taller than you think if you see them in real life, though..

-176 is taller than the average height for men.. I'm 167cm and I hope to date a man who's 176cm tall..

-I'm fine as long as he's taller than me!!

-Isn't 176cm considered as quite tall..? It's fine for me because I'm shorter than 176cm..

-We have to avoid those kind of people.. How could they pick a murderer over a short man.. 

-Pardon? I don't mind at all.. 172cm is already fine for me..

-I can't relate to the result of the votes at all..

-It's fine though..

-Was posted 10 years ago..

-176cm isn't considered as short..