Thursday, August 4, 2016

The reason why you shouldn't fall too hard for idols

80% of them are just a creation that exist in your imaginations.
Those idols who you praise as angels, do you really think that they're angels for real?
They become angels off from your money.
Just because they don't have any scandals or rumours in their careers, does that make them a nice person?
It's just because they're taking a good care of their life in order to suck off all of your money. 
I'm not saying that this applied to every idols, but I'm sure around 80% of Idols are like this.
Please restrain your thirst of idols.
I also fangirl, but after thinking like this, I started to restrain myself.
I'm just enjoying them through my eyes.
I don't even care if my bias dates someoneㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Things like that doesn't matter in real life, really..
There are a lot of other things that really matter in your life..


1. This is the reality..
2. But I believe that my bias are in the other 20%.. Anyway, the thing that those idols are selling are their images.. Just as long as they don't have any shocking scandals, it's okay to believe them..
3. There might be some fans who feel annoyed by posts like this, but it's the truth.. I also feel the same thing these days..
4. I've been a fan of BTS since Boy In Luv until Fire, but now I have retired from being an Army, I'm trying to live my life as a normal citizenㅋㅋ Unexpectedly, it feels much comfortable (to life as a normal citizen)ㅋㅋ I spoil myself by using the money that I usually spend to buy their albums, it feels so nice.. I used to try to interpret some of their behavior in a delulu way, it makes me question my old self now..

-I know that it would be so much comfortable to retire from being a fangirl, but I still want to fangirlㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-I feel happy for her.. Especially for the fact that she spoils herself by using the money that she usually spend to buy albums..

-It's because I don't have any crush in real life.. I'm happy just by liking Exo..

-But the whole world brightens up when you start liking Exo..

-Just as long as I don't get caught.. I feel happy for what I am now..

-I will never regret things that used to make me happy at one point..

-Seventeen, I love you~

-But why are you telling me to do this and that.. It's my bussiness to like an idol or what so ever.. I don't get it..

-I'm.. happy for what I am now..

-But I have to agree that it's the truth..

-This is the truth.. I once fell hard for a celebrity and now that I have passed that phase, I really regret spending money on them.. I could have used it to buy snacks for my puppies..

-I really hate words like thatㅋㅋ 'They're trying to suck off your money~' 'They only see you as their source of income~' Something like that..

-But why are some of you always blaming it all on the celebrities when you are the one who can't differentiate the truth and the imagination..

-Yes~ I know that they only see me as their source of income~ And I don't mind it~

-It's fine as long as I like them..

-I have never spent so much money on idols, except for buying their concert tickets.

-I fangirl because they always make me feel happy just by looking at them..

-I'm paying for those services..

-If you're going to retire from being a fangirl, do it aloneㅋㅋ