Friday, July 15, 2016


Oh My Girl to have another comeback in August

Oh My Girl, is confirmed to have a comeback in early August.. 'Already finished album jacket photoshoot in swimming pool'

Hmm.. I'm a B1A4's fan, Bana.. I didn't have anything to do so I just looked up some groups' names on searching engine and found this.. It's already confirmed that Oh My Girl is going to have another comeback in early August.. When will our B1A4 have a comeback..

+) I don't dislike Oh My Girl.. Since they are from the same company (with B1A4), I often stream to their songs too..


1. [+135][-5] I really wish the company will give them time to rest..

2. [+121][-254] They're working their asses so hard to get famous

3. [+111][-4] I really like B1A4 but they don't show up in TV these days..

4. [+67][-8] All of those money that B1A4 has earned only go to Oh My Girl, they only give pretty outfits to Oh My Girl.. I don't hate Oh My Girl, but if I was a Bana.. I don't think I can bring myself to like these girls..

5. [+61][-15] Oh My Girl's members have unique vocal colors, they're all so pretty and their songs are really niceㅠㅠ But they get hate a lot especially on Pann.. I respect your own preferences but let's stop cursing at them severely..

6. [+45][-73] If they don't hit big this time then just let them disband.. They already did promotions with three songs, Liar Liar, One Step Two Step, and Windy Day but there were no reactions from the public..

7. [+38][-3] I hope Oh My Girl will hit big this timeㅠㅠ I'm working part-time in a cafe and I always turn on Oh My Girl's songs like Liar Liar or Windy Day when I'm doing the dishes because it becomes the source of my energy.. Their songs are addictive and nice.. It's too bad things don't turn out really well for them..

8. [+38][-10] Look at all the comments here;; Just watch out, your words might become a boomerang to your own idols..

9. [+32][-0] Do all of the money that B1A4 earned go to these girls?

10. [+25][-0] I'm so worried of their fans because their fans has done a lot of things this year.. I'm also worried because B1A4 is not going to have any comebacks soon.. Please learn the situation and let them have a comeback.. You're not giving Oh My Girl a time to rest and keep giving B1A4 plenty time to rest..