Wednesday, April 27, 2016

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WJSN on today's Show Champion

1. [+164][-17] If you're going to invite idols, especially the ones who dance while singing, please take care of the stage; If you can't take care of it properly, just invite some ballad singers who only sing and stand still on stage. It must hurt a lot...

2. [+69][-0] It must hurt a lot.. If you're going to film outdoor, at least read the weather forecast and prepare the stage for the most possible condition.. I thought they were going to do better after GFriend's incident, I guess they're not..

3. [+17][-17] This article is just a media-play like what GFriend did...

4. [+12][-17] So, WJSN is going to media play as well? At least GFriend has some good songs..

5. [+11][-20] They're copying GFriend's way of marketing.. I'm sure this is just a media play

6. [+8][-5] Be careful...

7. [+6][-10] They might fall over, it's a normal thing.. But the other singers also slips and falls over the stage but why are they only releasing articles for WJSN?

8. [+6][-16] She fell... so...what?

9. [+4][-0] There were a lot of idols who fell during their stage too.. Isn't it obvious, though? They were dancing on a slippery floor..

10. [+2][-1] The second GFriend