Sunday, April 10, 2016

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a genius idol who had been ignored by CEOs

is Oh My Girl's Seunghee.
I looked up her name on internet, and found out she's been on Superstar K before.
I'm really scared of comments on internet. They're asking me, 'Is that what you call singing?' And I got hurt a lot because of that.

I can't let them know that it hurts me. It's.. It's okay. Because I've been on TV since I was young.
A lot of people adviced me, so I decided to try Superstar K. I want to receive a lot of love.
Since she was young she has been on a lot of programs to sing.
She even got nickname 'Little Boa' on Star King. But Boa fans didn't like it so they made an anti-cafe for Seunghee who was 9~10 years old. 
On Superstar K, the writers asked her if she had a hard time because of that. She cried and said that it's okay, that she takes all those mean comments as advices.
She just wanted to sing and get a lot of love for it. 
She was asked to sing national anthem, so she sung the rock version of it and made one of the judges dropped her jaw.
She also was paired with Park Boram on a mission, it turns out they came from the same hometown.
Park Boram didn't have good popularity back then. When Park Boram was paired with Seunghee, she was a little bit annoyed, but Seunghee didn't say anything.
The judges offered them some different songs and Seunghee couldn't even say her opinion and ended up singing a song she was not confidence with.
Because of that she made mistakes on stage. The judges already know her skills and got shocked. So they gave them another chance.
When Seunghee walked off the stage, the judges talked about her perfect skills and told her not to sing a song she's not confidence with.
In the end she got eliminated, that was her expression when her mom asked her the result.
I was shocked, how can a young girl hide her expression so well.. I poor her.
She has always wanted to be a singer since she was young, and her family supported her.
After being eliminated, she tried auditioning on so many agencies but got rejected. So she told her family she's just going to be a vocal trainer instead of singer.
At the same time, WM (OMG's Agencies) was planning on debuting a girl group. Hyojung was already a member, but they needed another main vocal. A lot of people adviced her to go and audition for WM, but she already gave up on being a singer.
Thinking that it was her last chance, she tried to audition on WM and trained for 4 months before debuting with Oh My Girl
She was the last person to audition. On the way home after the audition she cried really hard, and apologized to her parents.
Seunghee had a really hard time to debut. She's still having a hard time now, probably.
I personally like her voice, it's kind of soothing and nice to hear. On an interview she said her favorite song was 'Miracle in December' because she started being a trainee in December and it was a miracle for her. Her memorable stage was Dream Concert because it was her first time singing in front of ~really~ a lot of people.
For those people who dreams to be a singer, or singers who are still not recognized by people.. you will be acknowledged someday, don't give up.

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1. [+122][-2] Park Boram was an iljin(bully), she takes another kid's money..

2. [+0][-0] Seunghee is not your typical pretty face.. She's fresh and cute.

3. [+0][-0] Ah.. My first time hearing this. I hope things turns out well for her..

4. [+3][-0] She's so nice.. it makes her a fool. Everyone in Oh My Girl is nice and pretty.. I don't get people who bash on them.

5. [+0][-0] Oh My Girl is really kindㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ♥ Why are they so kind?