about us


pannatic is a blog that translates articles mostly from Pann and Instiz. this site was made on 8 April 2016. Just a reminder, if you're taking any content from this site, don't forget to give credits. and also please notice that Korean netizens' comments do not equal to my opinions. all I do is just to translate and their comments don't reflect my opinions.

i do take requests at some certain time, and if i don't fulfill your requested articles that means:
  • the article doesn't have much comments
  • someone already translated it before me
  • there is a possibility that i didn't see your request
  • it is an old article
  • i was too busy (but i usually don't take request when i'm busy)
follow me on twitter to get daily updates of this blog, submit your request and ask me anything on ask.fm, and contact me on pannative@gmail.com.


08/05/2017 update:

why are there some ads on your site?
the only ads I have on my site for now is Disqus, which is quite not disturbing for both mobile and PC users. i've been 'experimenting' with some ads platform, to see which ones have disturbing ads and which ones don't. i still have no thoughts on permanently putting ads on my site so don't worry! if you're still having some ads problem then there must be some problem with your adblock because i have no popup ads at all. the main reason is because i alr started uni and want to pay my school fee on my own to lessen the burden that my parents have, i hope you guys can understand that!