Sunday, July 30, 2017

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The trainee who gained weight ahead of his debut + Guan Lin

(OP's note) +I'm a Wannable and my favorite member is Jihoon..
I'm not writing this post to mock him or anything..

is Park Jihoon, who's also well-known as 'The Wink Guy'!
Judging from his recent pictures, looks like he started to gain weight ever since Produce 101 ended!!

First of all, this is how he used to look like during the show!
As expected from Jihoon, he looks very refreshing, cute, and bright.... 
sobs, I'm crying..

Ok what's next?

Let's take a look of Jihoon who recently just gained some weight!
He looks really really cute..
Park Jihoon, you...
It really does look like that he gained some weight lately..
As expected from Jihoon, he looks cuter now he gained some weight..
And he has also been living his glorious days lately!

I'll end this post with a group picture of Wanna One

Do you agree with my opinion?

I'm happy that the other members have been eating really well and gaining some weight lately..
I hope Guan Lin is also eating his meals properly and gain some weight soon..


1. [+117][-10] I'm sorry, but if you're a real fan then you would know that post like this would become a big fuss right??? Delete this post, look at all the mess you've made, f*cker..

2. [+81][-8] Not only Jihoon, all of the members have gained some weight ever since the show ended.. But they actually look so much better now.. Through these difference, we all can see how hard and tiring is the show for them.. They couldn't get proper sleep throughout the show, and as soon as the show ended, they had to prepare for a concert and now they're preparing for an album.. Of course they need to eat a lot so that they won't get sick from all of the schedules.. Anyway, it's a relief that their label lets them eat whatever they want now..

3. [+57][-3] Most of Wanna One's members gained weight after the show ended..

4. [+24][-0] Their label did the same to IOI when it comes to foodㅋㅋㅋ All of the work that their label does never fail to make the fans enrage, but not about food. They really let the boys eat whatever they wantㅋㅋ

5. [+22][-1] What kind of fan would write a triggering title like that.. Are you trying to make a mess?

6. [+17][-3] Jihoon is in charge of being the cute one in the group, so being skinny won't suit that image~^^ He looks really fine right now.. He's so cute, I want him to be mine~~ Please..

7. [+16][-0] While the other members gained weight after the show ended, it's the opposite for Guan Lin.. It looks like he lost some weight after the show ended.. Both are pictures of him during the show, though.. Oh, looks like OngNiel also have lost some weight lately..

8. [+16][-3] ..
'Ignore this post'

9. [+15][-3] Get lost
'Ignore this post'

10. [+12][-1] This is a very vague and triggering post.. If you're really a Wannable then please delete this post.. Look at all the mess in the comment section..