Thursday, June 15, 2017

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Explain to me about this picture of Ong Sungwoo in a club

Explain to me why Ong Sungwoo is the only guy in this picture

-..? That's his dance team and he went to the club as an adult, what's so wrong with that?

-He didn't give you any harm by going to the club, and he was already an adult when he went there. So what's your problem?

-There's nothing to explain..

-Please explain to us first why did you post a normal picture and make it sounds as it's really controversial..

-So what if he's the only guy there? Why are you being so annoying..

-Is being with women a sin..? Oh Gosh..

-Sungwoo, let's debut..

-If you want an explanation, I recommend you to call straight to his company, Fantagio Ent..

-Explain to my what's so wrong about an adult going to clubs?

-Can you just please leave him alone?

-Dear OP, I'm sure you're a fan of a certain idol or actors and I'm sure that you won't feel nice when your favorite celebrity gets hated for unreasonable reason, am I right?

-Whoa.. You're making a mess because tomorrow they will decide who's going to debut, right?

-I have a feeling Ong Sungwoo is going to debut..

-Ugh.. You're constantly posting this kind of post, I'm sick of it..

-You should explain to us first why are you posting these kind of posts when you clearly know they will be doing the show tomorrow?

-That picture makes me fall for him even harder.. It looks like he's really popular among women..