Saturday, March 4, 2017


The 'freckles' tattoos that becomes a trend overseas

I guess everything can become a trend..

-They look like blackheads..


-Can't they just use make up for that..? It doesn't look natural at all..

-I bet they're going to regret having that tattoo sooner or later..

-They look like strawberries..

-Wow.. That's fascinating..

-I'll give you my freckles for free.. 

-Ah.. I feel sorry towards their skin.. Meanwhile, I'm here doing everything possible to get rid of my freckles..


-I wonder what will they do about that once they regret it.. I think it actually looks much more natural when they do it with make up, and not tattoos..

-Judging by how they smile in the picture, it means that they feel satisfied with their tattoos.. It looks pretty, anyway!

-I just got home from a dermatologist to get rid of my freckles..  And they pay people to draw freckles on  their faces..?

-As someone who has a lot of freckles on her face, I seriously can't understand their intentions of getting those tattoos on their face..

-It doesn't look impressive at all..

-Freckles are cute only if they're natural..

-It looks unnatural..

-They have every rights to do whatever they want with their faces..

-That actually looks cute.. To be honest, I also draw freckles on my face with eye liner..

-I thought that was his beard.. Turns out it's just his chest hair..

-Those who naturally have freckles on their faces must be feeling really offended to see this..

-What will they happen once this trend dies..

-No.. This is so wrong..