Sunday, March 26, 2017

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Netizens find something suspicious about this male idol's chin

NCT's Yuta who debuted under SM Entertainment. 



Netizens are suspicious about his chin because it looks protruded more than it did before

-He literally has no time to get plastic surgery done.. And if he really had it done, why would he get a plastic surgery to get it protruded more than it did before? It's probably just because of the angle..

-I wonder why he did it.. He looked better before..

-One thing I'm sure about is that he lost a lot of weight..

-Is that a problem? It's up to him whether to get a plastic surgery done or not..

-The OP just picked the weird pictures for this post.. He looks fine in other pictures..

-I don't care about netizens' opinions.. I just don't want Yuta to get famous for things like this..

-Getting a plastic surgery done is not a bad thing..

-Oh.. I don't think so.. And I don't think it's none of your bussiness whether if he had done plastic surgery or not..

-I see no difference, though..?

-He's really handsome..

-It's true that his chin looks different now, but it's not that serious.. You barely notice it if you see him in person..

-Isn't that just because of the angle..?

-??? It's because he lost a lot of weight..

-This is the most useless thing a person can ever do.. Worrying about celebrities' lifes..

-Don't you think it's just because he lost a lot.. like a lot.. of weight..?

-Ok.. I've seen him in person before and he looks totally fine.. His chin doesn't look strange at all, it doesn't even look protruded if you see him in person..

-So what if he really got it done.. It's none of your bussiness, people..

-I don't know about that but he sure looks different now.. He looked really young in Abnormal Summit and he looks more mature now..

-I think the OP is trying to drag Yuta down by spreading this rumour.. Just saying..