Thursday, February 9, 2017

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The choreography of NCT Dream's new song

Both the choreographers and the NCT Dream's members are genius..

-Mark is really cool..

-Mark.. Ah.....

-The choreography in the last gif looks so cool..

-I give my thumbs up both for the choreographers and the members!!!

-Hul.. It's really dope..

-The whole album, the choreography, everything about their promotion this time is really perfect..

-The coolest choreography they have ever had..

-Whoa.. SM has a really bright future..

-I'm lying on my side right now to test if I could do that choreography..

-Hul.. It looks fascinating..

-Thank you so much, Tony!

-They must be paying a lot attention to their foot odor..

-As expected from Tony.. 

-Good luck on your promotions, my babies!!

-Whoa.. Their new song is really nice, I hope they hit big this time!

-SM finally woke up!!

-They're really amazing..

-I like NCT so much.. I love you..

-My babies are really adorable..

-I love you..........