Friday, January 20, 2017

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Jessica, Irene, and Jennie wearing the same clothes

같은 옷 입은 제시카-아이린-제니 (feat.구찌) | 인스티즈
같은 옷 입은 제시카-아이린-제니 (feat.구찌) | 인스티즈

Seems like a lot of female idols wear Gucci these days..

-I didn't even notice those were the same clothes..

-They all look really pretty..

-They make it look different..

-They give off different vibes..!

-Jennie looks pretty with that clothes..

-Jennie looks really classy in that clothes..

-Whoa.. I'm speechless.. All of them look beautiful..

-They all look pretty but I personally think Jennie looks the best in that clothes..

-That picture of Irene is actually a press picture..


-The eye make up of the girl in the second picture looks really pretty..

-Irene is really really beautiful..

-Guci exists for Jennie.. How is it possible for her to look good in all of Gucci's collections..?

-Bae Joohyun looks like a princess..ㅠㅠ

-Irene is very very very very very beautiful..

-Those don't look like the same clothes in my eyes..

-Jennie looks really ellegant..

-Jung Sooyeon.. She's just hanging out and playing around and yet she's wearing Gucci..

-Whoa.. Look at how pretty Jennie is..

-Irene looks like the daughter of a noble family..

-The class of Jessica's casual fashion style..

-Whoa.. Jessica's the only one who didn't wear that for special occasion..