Wednesday, May 11, 2016

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Jung Chaeyeon's skin is blinding people's eyes

1. [+2974][-155] Seems like her skin is really light in real life.. How can she have light skin like that.. I envy her..

2. [+2006][-168] Jung Chaeyeon's skin tone is really pretty..

3. [+1647][-159] Let's shoot a CF for Strawberry Latte..

4. [+1452][-148] Whoa so pretty.. She looks like a tofu.. It must be nice to have a light skin, I'm really jealous..

5. [+452][-60] Chaeyeon-ah, you're really.. really pretty! IOI, let's rise! Fighting!

6. [+337][-51] Chaeyeon is really pretty..

7. [+329][-54] She's pretty and cute at the same time..

8. [+300][-48] Whoa.. she's really pretty..

9. [+201][-31] At first I didn't really care about IOI, but I saw her smiling on a TV program and became a fan... She's a smiling angel..

10. [+159][-20] I don't know about women.. But men really go crazy for face like Chaeyeon's