Friday, April 29, 2016


What happened to Twice yesterday?

 1. Twice is having their comeback, but their expressions weren't good.
2. During the ending, some of their expressions are darkening and the others were seen crying
3. The fans are arguing whether something really happened to them vs nothing happened at all
4. Screencaptures of their expressions

Nayeon, Jungyeon, and Jihyo were crying even before the ending part, and Sana's expression didn't look good. 


1. [+72][-6] It's because Chaeyoung was taken to the hospital

2. [+60][-0] Why are they sobbing when the one who's sick is Chaeyoung..? I think something really happened to them..

3. [+59][-5] Actually, that's just a reason. Eventhough they worry for Chaeyoung, they wouldn't cry just because of it.. What happened to themㅠㅠ Did they get scolded?

4. [+48][-9] It's because Chaeng is sick..

5. [+28][-4] I'm worried for them..

6. [+24][-4] But would they actually put that expressions in front of cameras just because a member fainted? If they're putting that expressions in front of cameras, it really means something bad happened to them..

7. [+15][-0] I personally think they cried because of something else, not because Chaeyoung is sick.. They were fine on Music Bank today, though.. Did they get scolded yesterday or something else..?

8. [+15][-1] Why are they being like that?ㅠㅠ

9. [+9][-1] The fans are really curious.. They weren't like that during the performance though? I'm worriedㅠㅠ

10. [+8][-0] How do you know that Chaeyoung is sick? How serious is her condition.. her members even cried because of it.